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Mobile interactive document (MIND) architecture supporting non-algorithimic decision processes:

  • Distributed architecture of dynamic components of mobile electronic documents: functionality supporting document embedded, local, and external services prototyped and evaluated.
  • Migration policies of dynamic components of mobile electronic documents: workflow design patters investigated to determine a canonical set for implementing business processes in knowledge based organizations.
  • Security policies of dynamic components of mobile electronic documents: selected mechanisms for document integrity checking and state recovery, content encryption, digital signatures and self-diagnosability prototyped and evaluated.

Interactive open document architecture (IODA) for executable papers:

  • Executable paper data layer: embedded, local, and external document services prototyped and evaluated with respect to user scenarios including authors, editors, reviewers, and subscribers, also methods and tools for automatic extraction of objects of the logical structure of source documents, (mainly PDF) and automatic recognition and interpretation of freehand and printed UML and BPEL diagrams to make them editable and executable.
  • Executable paper information layer: orchestration of embedded, local, and external services registered in the data layer involving marked areas of a document source image and objects of its reconstructed logical structure.
  • Executable paper knowledge layer: contexts of executable information patters of the information layer making document content meaning actionable and including dynamic annotations, attachments, intra- and inter-document links, user logs, and similar content search.

Automatic negotiations of a collaboration protocol agreement (CPA) over conflicting collaborating partners profiles (CPPs):

  • Logical structure analyzer of a collaborating partner profile (CPP): classes of conflicts in CPP documents determining CPA negotiation protocols based on the economic agent model.
  • Negotiation protocols for electronic document exchange management: barganing for Web services to dynamically implement mobile document workflows.

Field tests and validation of the project outcomes:

  • Experimental service facility for the global Web community: a mobile document originating service, a digital library of executable papers, and negotiation service for CPP/CPA.
  • System testing of pilot applications: student and class roster management, digital library of executable MSc/PhD theses, and public tender for the office suppplies for the university, tested for functionality, security, performance, reliability, flexibility, usability, and conformance to business procedures.