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Develoment of novel electronic document architectures, which are:

  • mobile , i.e., can migrate over the Web between users and services,
  • executable, i.e., enable exploration of information resources related to their content via interaction of users with logical structure elements,
  • intelligent, i.e., can realize on their own various tasks assigned to them by originating authors,
  • evergreen, i.e., are able to serialize and deserialize, dynamically reorganize their logical structure, and automatically update their content,
  • forward compatible, i.e., do not subscribe to any particular vendor, tool or format.


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A forum for interested users of MENAID services and tools will be opened soon.  


We wish to thank the National Science Centre (NCN) for acknowledging document engineering as a meaningful discipline of basic research, involving original experimental or theoretical research work undertaken to acquire new knowledge of the underlying foundations of phenomena and observable facts.